California Law and Model Rockets

I remember the days of youth well…  Building rockets and heading down to the school yard and launching until I was out of engines or the rockets were lost.

For those living in California and Orange County in particular, if you are a parent or grand parent wanting your children to experience the joy of Model Rocketry, you will run afoul of the law if just go out and launch and could face stiff fines if you get caught.

A legal solution to this is to fly with a sanctioned rocketry club.

From what I understand there has not been a sanctioned club flying rockets in Orange County since at least 2009 at Mile Square Park.   In the past year when I want to take a group to fly, the closest regular sanctioned monthly event has been  with the SCRA out at the Sante Fe Dam in Irwindale.

Our current membership has working relationships with the authorities in Costa Mesa and we are currently working out a sites with in the city limits that will host monthly low power rocket launches.

We planning to fly alternate weekends to SCRA and ROC where between all the clubs there  is  a  place to launch 3 weekends a month in Southern California.

Our desire was to have our first launch in  July, but now it is looking more like August.  Stayed tuned for dates and locations.